Taiba Sheheryar Supports Canadian Fashion Brands

Canadian-Pakistani model Taiba Sheheryar supporting Canadian fashion brand M Boutique on social

Taiba Sheheryar: The First Pakistani-Canadian Model on the International Stage

A young girl with big visions of success, grand dreams to inspire others, and all the talent and

Taiba Sheheryar is the First Pakistani-Canadian Model to Break Through Internationally

Taiba Sheheryar: Modeling Philanthropy 

Taiba Sheheryar is a Pakistani Canadian model and entrepreneur who has blazed trails for countless young girls, businesses in need, 

Model/Actress Taiba Sheheryar Spotted in Toronto

Customers at the Thai restaurant Pai were excited to see Taiba Sheyheyar pop in for so

Taiba Sheheryar is Building a Life of Hope

Taiba  is the only Pakistani model to break through on an international stage, having emerged from a culture that makes the idea of